Goals and Ambitions
Marie Selmelfort


When I was a little girl, I could not wait to grow up, finish high school, and go to college to achieve my goal. I have always seen the difference between adults and teenagers. For example, in my childhood years, I used to pretend to be a nurse and acted as if my doll was my patient. I examined her, gave her shots and prescribed her some medicines to make her feel better. Interestingly, my goal and ambition is to be a nurse. 

To begin with, I went to technical college, and put all my efforts to obtain my degree in nursing. No matter how hard my stack was, I always kept my dream alive. Someday, I will see what my heart desires. Since I put my faith in something that I trust, I know I will achieve my goal and my ambition.

Second, thankfully, I also found time to cultivate my skills to help others feel proud with dignity. It does not matter what their race, gender, religion, or ethnicity is. I take good care of people, especially elderly people. I feel like I give back to the community. I feel very happy, because I accomplished my biggest dream.

Lastly, nursing is a field that can help sick people ensure their health. I pursued this career because there are job opportunities available throughout the whole world. In addition, nursing is a high-paying job. Therefore, with the money I have earned, I could buy a house, take good care of my family and buy a new car. In other words, I will pay all my debts and invest some money in the stock market. 

To conclude, I like my career because it means a lot to me. Additionally, it changed my life for the better. My goal and my ambition is the key to my success. Finally, I can move forward. I am happy; I did not give up on my dream. My life is better than before.


Marie Selmelfort is from Haiti and a mother of one child. She is a very dedicated student from The English Center’s  TLC Online GED program at South Florida Workforce in North Miami Beach, Florida.



My Goals and Ambitions
Lakisha Wright


I want in life many things. There are many goals and ambitions to succeed, and I am positive that I will made it to the top with the help of my mother and my motivation for a better life for my family and me. I especially want for my daughter to graduate from a better school than I attended, and grow up in a better neighborhood than I grew up in; she is my motivation. As for my ambitions, I have many of them in my soul.


Accomplishing my goals is what I will do. My very first goal that I must co0mplete is to receive my GED because I am smart and positive. I just made the wrong mistakes back in high school. With this GEd, I can go very far in life and be a success. Once I earn my adult diploma, I will go directly to college –no breaks or vacation. I will complete because this goal is my greatest goal. I dream of this goal. 


The course of study I will be going to school for Criminal Justice and Psychology as my minor. With the help of my mother, and my self-motivation, I will achieve this goal. I will apply for scholarships and stay above grade average with integrity and good behavior unlike my high school days. My ambition of helping others find their way in life, and to motivate others to choose the right decisions in life, enlighten me in ways that you cannot imagine. This is just one of many reasons why I chose these two professions to study.


Although after I earn my GED and register for college to study Criminal Justice and Psychology, right after I complete registration and financial aid, my goal is to take the BFAT test to become a corrections officer so I can have a good paying and stable job while I attend college. I do not want my daughter to have to struggle in life, so if I have to work a full-time job and attend college full-time, then, hey, “it is what it is” is what I always say. My goal and ambitions are not too much pressure for me; I am happy with family, friends and myself, and I am a strong woman.


In conclusion, my goals and ambitions in life are to be the greatest I can be through the storm and through sunny days. Nothing will get in my way. I am my own self-motivator: “Team Lakisha.” There are many other goals that I will eventually succeed in, but some goals that I just discussed with you are my main priorities—and they will be accomplished!


Lakisha Wright is a self-motivated student ready to accomplish The English Center’s TLC Online GED program at South Florida Workforce, North Miami Beach, Florida.



My Favorite Place
Karyhadne Rodriguez


My favorite place is a little town called Providencia; this special town is located in the country of Panama. I love this place because it has many things that makes me feel free and alive: the sound of the river, the lakes, the animals, and the different kinds of fruits and vegetables. The way people milked the cows to make cheese makes me feel that I am in paradise.


When I travel from the city of Panama, I hear the sound of the city cars, buses, trucks and many other transportation noises disappear. The smell of smoke in the atmosphere from the trucks and buses becomes fresh air.


Once I arrive to the small town, life changes. The mornings are very joyful because I can hear the birds singing. The smell of the air is a combination of fresh grass and fruits mixed together. At the same time I hear the rooster calling the sun with his cacadododooo, immediately I start feeding the animals.


The breakfast is delicious. The fresh cheese, milk from the cow, the eggs, and the homemade bread are perfect. After breakfast, I like to go to the forest to see what kind of fruits and vegetables I can find. There are many different kinds of fruits like mango, orange, papaya, coconuts and much more. Some of the vegetables that I found are yucca, plaintain, potatoes, cabbages and more. When I finish picking up the fruits and vegetables, I go dip in the forest, until I find the river with the waterfall. It is beautiful to see the waterfalls and the different shapes of rocks that are around the river. I also find different types of plants and flowers. The sound of the water falling is perfect. People go to the river in the morning to do their laundry and the kids love to jump in the water and play.


At 12:00 p.m., I like to go to the farm that is close to the river because I like to see how the farmers milk the cows and make cheese and cream out of it. The process of making the cheese and cream is very long, but they always have a show to teach the tourist how the elaboration of cheese and cream are. With this process, they can get different kind of texture of cheeses and creams, which are good for breakfast.


However the afternoons are different. I like to walk around the town to visit the people that I know. Sometimes they invite me down to the lake to see the kids’ swimming competition; it’s fun to watch them in a race. The prize for winning the race is a big turtle. 


At the end of the day, I go back to the house, to eat dinner and relax. The meal is very healthy and fresh. The table is served and fresh fish, chicken, different kinds of meat and vegetables; this is the best food that I could ever taste. Once I finish, I sit down outside the house to see the moon and stars; I also can hear the sound of the little bugs like the cricket and the ladybug all around the place. This is relaxing. There is nothing better than this place, and this is life.


Karyhadne Rodriguez is a young mother of three children; Josue, Ronaldo, and Ashley. She is a bright student of The English Center’s TLC Online GED program at the South Florida Workforce  One-Stop Career Center in North Miami Beach, Florida.


How Life in My Home Country Differs from Life in the U.S.

Valda Joseph

It’s great back home, and, yes, it is different. In my home country, it is much nicer. I live in a country named Dominica; it is nothing like the U.S. We are an island in the Caribbean. Dominica is between two French Islands—Guadeloupe in the north and Martinique to the south. In my country, we have waterfalls, lakes, springs, a lot of beautiful beaches, and three hundred and sixty-five rivers. 


We have approximately eighty-thousand people in my country and we are so kind, friendly, and cultural. On February 15th and 16th we have carnival; on those days, we have bands on the streets, dancing, eating, drinking and having fun. August twenty-eighth, we have cultural day where everybody dresses up in their cultural costumes. We eat cultural dishes like breadfruit and salt fish with coconut milk and drink natural drinks like sweetsop, guava, and banana mango mix. 


We have the world music festival—three nights of pulsating music. The music festival is where different groups and bands from all over the world perform in rhythm. There are bands like Kassav, Compa groups, reggae artists from Jamaica and our own bands from back home. Everybody from all over the world comes to have a thrilling time. 


I don’t know much about the U.S., but from what I’ve seen so far, it is a fabulous place to live; different people come together to live here. Starting a new life in the United Stats has not been the easiest adaptation for me. Moving to Miami was very exciting for me, but difficult at the same time. I was not used to two prices for clothes and food. I perceive that in order to make it in the United States, one has to work and have a steady income.  


Making new friends was the hardest for me, but the biggest blessing was having my first child born in the United States. Even though I may encounter some obstacles in my life, I always put God first and then my family, which is also very important to me. Life is full of surprises, but I am determined to achieve my goals. My goal in life is to become a nurse and provide for my family.


Valda Joseph is an enthusiastic young student from The English Center’s TLC Online’s GED program at the South Florida Workforce One-Stop Career Center in North Miami Beach, Florida. Her teacher is Ms. Liz Romero.